“If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always say they have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” – Richard Branson

Are you making as much money as you want to make?

Are you working 24/7 exhausting yourself to accomplish your goals?

Have you been told the real estate business is about the grind?

Discover How Real Estate Coaching Helped this Real Estate Agent Earn over $50,000 in Commissions in two months. Read more

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Real Estate Coach, Best Seling Author, & Entrepreneur

Waylon Chavez is a real estate coach and International Speaker, Trainer, Author & Entrepreneur. He has been a speaker, motivator, and trainer for numerous Real Estate and business organizations. 

He brings his passion for helping others succeed personally and professionally into everything he does. He hosts regular training workshops for realtors to help them create a business that is profitable and not just a job.

He is the Creator of the Six hours to six figures for realtors transformational training program, a Certified Success Principles trainer, and co-founder of Goal Gladiator. 

You don't need to...

be a digital marketing expert.

have an expensive website.

be available day and night.

Do you want to start growing your real estate business?

What is it going to cost to achieve the goals you’ve set for your real estate business ? Receive a FREE copy of Waylon’s Six Hours to Six Figures™ real estate business financial goal planner. Get started today!  

Think about why you Chose the Real Estate Business

Are you working your real estate business like a job? Would you like more freedom? More money? More time?

Are you working long hours, knocking on doors, spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive website or advertising, and still not making the kind of money you want to earn?  Is your business providing you with freedom, time for family, and fun?

6 Hours to 6 Figures will teach you

  • How you can make $50,000 or more in the next 2 months
  • Teach you where most real estate business actually comes from (Hint: it’s not from an expensive website or social media)
  • How to find more clients in your target market
  • How to do get your work time down to six hours daily, while making more money.
  • How to feel happier, less stressed, and have more fun.

What Realtors have to say about Six Hours to Six Figures™

“Since taking Waylon’s 2 day seminar I have had a 47% increase in my business and all while taking more time off to spend with my family. All this in just under six months, I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring”


“Waylon is not your old fashioned “Motivational” speaker, in his workshops and seminars he will walk you through each area of your life and give you a solid plan on how to achieve the life you truly want.”


"Waylon's coaching is completely different. He has changed how I approach my business and my life. I am not only making a lot more money, but I'm happier, less stressed, and accomplishing more in less time.


“One day with Waylon and I was simply amazed, he is a true transformational trainer he not only encouraged me to do more but challenged me to reach higher and farther that I ever thought was possible for me”


Six Hours to Six Figures Figure Real Estate Podcast

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6 Hours to 6 Figures Real Estate Training Program

​Are you tired of the constant never ending tasks you do daily that are not leading to business and taking up all your time?

About Real Estate Coach Waylon Chavez

Waylon is the Master Maximizer of Life & Goal Crusher. He loves the journey of setting new goals and crushing/ achieving them.

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