Bernalillo County Property Tax

In a recent post by the Bernalillo County Assessor stated that due to the current situation with the COVID19 property tax notice of value statements will not go out to property owners until April 29th, 2020 a month later than the normal date of April 1st. The reason this is important is because this is also the time that property owners are able to protest their current property values. Current law allows a cap of 3% each year for an increase in your property taxes but Bernalillo County allows property owners to file a protest if they fill that their value is not what the county NOV (notice of Value) has sent out. The process of protesting your property taxes and filing for other exemptions is fairly easy all your need is your local real estate professional Waylon Chavez with ABQ Premiere Properties. There he can access the multiple listing service and provide you with a current market analysis and the required forms needed to protest to the county. The only catch is that Bernalillo County only gives property owners 29 days to file a protest. That is a very short window to do so. The reason someone might want to protest their property taxes are there is slow growth in the area meaning the real estate market is not up to pace with other areas, you can claim more exemptions that could potentially save you money yearly on your house payment. The average savings for doing this is about $100 a month $1,200 yearly.

If you feel your property taxes are not correct or you would like Waylon to assist you in filing for other property tax exemptions please reach out to Waylon directly 505-302-2221 or via email

Bernalillo County Assessor Statement

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