Just how much Money have you spent on rent?

After speaking with three renters today that are looking to purchase I added up the money they spent. One lady told me she paid $950 a month for 5 years, that is a total of $57,000 that she will ever see or get a return on.
If you are renting now I would encourage you to take your monthly rent multiply that by 12 then multiply that number by how many years you have been renting and post a gif or emoji in the comments that shows how you feel after seeing your number.
Interest rates are at the lowest point right now than they ave been in years so if you want your money to go towards something you will see a return on let’s talk and let me educate you on the home buying benefits and process and see if it is right for you.

To start investing in yourself and your future contact Waylon Chavez with ABQ Premiere Properties.

Waylon Chavez
ABQ Premiere Properties

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