Discover How Real Estate Coaching Helped this Real Estate Agent Earn over $50,000 in Commissions in two months.

Discover How Real Estate Coaching Helped this Real Estate Agent Earn over $50,000 in Commissions in two months.

Curious how real estate coaching can help? With the numerous real estate coaching programs in today’s real estate industry, how does a real estate agent choose which s best for them? I would say it is based on results and a program that doesn’t have you working twenty-four hours seven days a week. Working in real estate has a misconception that you have to be ON 24/7 which is completely false. 

Not long ago real estate agents and realtors bragged about being available to theory home sellers and buyer clients all the time no matter the time or situation real estate agents told their customers “My phone is always on, call me anytime”. This led to real estate agents being at the mercy of their clients all while sacrificing their own kids and family life, all in the hopes that real estate agents could land a sale. 

According to the National Association of Realtors® NAR the median gross income of REALTORS®—income earned from real estate activities with over 2 years of experience—was $49,700 in 2019. In the same study, NAR found that REALTORS® with two years or less experience had a median gross income of $8,900. These figures are all before the real estate agent pays their dues and fees to keep their license active and become members of their national and state associations. 

The typical day of a real estate agent compromises of waking up between 6-7:30, having coffee, checking emails, and social media. Then getting ready and taking kids to school or going to a breakfast meeting at their local Starbucks. The real estate agent will get to the office about 10:00 am catch up with the other real estate agents in the office for an hour or two. Go back to checking emails and social media. Then maybe they will check in on their current transactions to ensure they close and the real estate agent gets a check. Once that is complete it is lunchtime for the real estate agent so they will meet a friend or business associate at a restaurant for lunch and maybe that real estate agent will have a midday cocktail. After the hour and a half lunch, the real estate agent will then again check their social media because 

they are so popular and check emails all in the name of being “productive”. By this time it is 3:00 to 4:00 pm and the real estate agent has not done one productive task all day. But in the real estate agent’s mind, they have been super busy because they were on their social media and email all day. This real estate agent has mistaken bus-y-ness for productivity and the real estate agent gets paid for results not being “busy”.  To be fair this is not all real estate agents but this is the majority, therefore, I wanted to give you a clear picture and see if you can see yourself in that example. 

How Can Real Estate Coaching Help You Earn More

Real Estate Coaching is a tool in the real estate agents toolbox that can help that real estate agent earn more money, in less time and have a solid system for success. Over the years real estate has gotten the image of grinding and grinding with no definite direction. Mind you there has always been real estate coaches and real estate coaching programs but the majority are laser-focused on sales, sales, sales no matter what. What differentiates Waylon Chavez’s real estate coaching in his signature training six hours to six figures is that Waylon helps the real estate agent plan, create and live their desired life. What that means for the real estate agent and the real estate industry as a whole is that there is a new program in the industry and it is revolutionizing the real estate coaching landscape. 

Waylon’s real estate coaching program focuses on the real estate agent and he assists them in planning their life as they would like to live. The six hours to six figures real estate coaching program assists real estate agents in discovering what it is they truly want in life. Once that is discovered Waylon then shows them how to use their real estate business as a way to fun their life not just make a living. 

To show the value and results of his real estate coaching programWaylon Chavez has interviewed one of his real estate coaching clients. The real estate agent is brand new in the business and had inquired into other real estate coaching programs before deciding to sign up for Waylon Chavez’s real estate coaching program. 

Earlier I shared the statistics from the National Association of Realtors® on the yearly earnings of a new real estate agent under two years and a real estate agent with two or more years experience. With Waylon Chavez’s real estate coaching program and the systems, he is helping his real estate coaching clients achieve those earnings within two – months. And Waylon’s promise with his real estate coaching program is the help the real estate agent earn a six-figure income while working six hours daily. He does this by helping the real estate agent plan their ideal life and make a plan to achieve it. Waylon does this by creating simplistic and easily implementable systems that the real estate agent must consistently take action on daily. 

Waylon shares in his real estate coaching program that simply does not mean easy. The work that the realtor must complete is simple but the hard part is implementing the actions consistently. 

In the video interview, Waylon talks with his real estate coaching client on her journey currently through the real estate coaching program and how it has benefited her. 

She said “As a brand new real estate agent without the knowledge and expertise of Waylon Chavez and his real estate coaching program, the opportunity for my survival in the real estate industry is critical to me prospering. With the tools and systems Waylon provides in his real estate coaching program I see myself producing way beyond the one hundred thousand dollars in my first year in real estate. Heck, I am halfway there now in my second month as a real estate agent”. 

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