Single-Family Rent Continues to Rise

In a new article published by Housing Wire it was stated that single-family rents are continuing to rise. The report said that “November 2019 was the 67th month in a row that low-end rentals propped up national rent growth,” which means that is more money coming from you and your family. If you purchase a home, your payment is set for 30 years. The only thing that may increase/decrease your payment is property taxes and insurance, not your landlord.

When you buy a home you are also investing n your future by a forced savings as home values increases on average 3-5% yearly, which means you are gaining equity that you can use to invest in other Real Estate homes or apartments and grow your wealth.

If you would like to see if purchasing a home is right for you and how you can possibly save money monthly by owning your home feel free to reach out to Waylon Chavez Directly at 505-302-2221.

Waylon Chavez
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