#MediMagic365 Day Three Hundred Fifty-Nine Of The Magical Journey

Day three hundred fifty nine of #MediMagic365 is complete I started my meditation today at 5:20 am. I sat in a chair with my feet flat on the floor and my palms resting on my thighs facing up with the index finger and thumb touching to circulate and keep the energy flowing through me. Today’s meditation I started with white light lighting up my entire body starting from the bottom of my left foot working up the left side of my body through my brain crossing over the corpus collosum to the right side of the brain and down the right side of my body. I repeated this three other times while filling my entire body with white loving source light.

​Once my entire body and soul were filled with white loving light I remained there in silence for the remainder of my meditation. As I did thoughts started coming up and I watched them and released them without becoming involved in them. When that would happen I would repeat the words “I am love” over and over until I was just being again. My meditations are very easy these days compared to when I first started, I can silence my mind and be present in a matter of seconds vs minutes. This journey has been amazing to me in that I can be present when I choose and don’t have the “monkey mind” directing me I am in control.

Conclusion: My meditation journey has not only helped me be more present in each moment it has also helped make me more productive in my daily work tasks as I can focus on one task at a time until it is complete and not be jumping around from task to task never giving 100% to each in completion.

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Love, Joy & Happiness to You

With Gratitude,


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