#MediMagic365 Day Three Hundred Sixty-Six Of The Magical Journey

Day three hundred sixty-six of #MediMagic365 is complete I started my meditation today at 6:30 am. I sat in a chair with my feet flat on the floor and my palms resting on my thighs facing up with the index finger and thumb touching to circulate and keep the energy flowing through me.

For today’s meditation and final blog of the #mediMagic365 series I sat and reflected on the past year and my journey of where I started to where I am at today. It has been nothing short of an amazing transformation for me, I have come to be more calm, patient, intuitive and now know what inner peace and guidance truly is. When I started this journey I was always on the go and used to “think” and “over think” everything and that would sabatoge my results. Now I am able to take a step back relax and be guided by my intuition and inner guidance, and let me tell you it has worked wonders in the achivement of my goals. A dear friend of mine told me in a conversation we had a few weeks ago that “Some years we have monetery gain and some years we have spiritual gain”. Well this year has definitly been a spiritual growth year and I wouldnt have it any other way because now that I am in touch and have a great insights and intuition I can use that in the achievement of any goal I desire because I know to listen and be guided by my inner guidance and success gps™ rather than getting all worked up and over thinking every situation thinking I know best. I can be guided to take the neccessary actions that will get me there.

Conclusion: During this journey I have also given up all the “worry” and “stress” as I know know all things happen for a reason and for the highest and best for each of us.The time has passed and I am more aware and “conneccted” to God/ The Universe than I have ever been. The #MediMagic365 Journey may be complete but the adventure is only begining as I will continue my daily meditation and spiritual growth and couple it with my hungar to help and serve others both in Real Estate and in my training and coaching to help others have the same breakthroughs and results.

Thank you all who have supprted and follwed my jouirney the past year, especially my wife Valerie and son Ryan who are my biggest support team.

If I can give any advise on the past years journey is that the time will pass to you want to be the same person you were a year ago or do you want to take the responsability and action to be more???? The choice is yours I know you can do anything you decide and committ to. Will it be all sunshine and roses the whole way through? No but we consider what is working and whats not and adjust course and eventually you will get to the destination as I have today.

Thank you all I appreciate each of you.


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