What Waylon's Clients and attendees are saying.

“Waylon’s workshop lit a fire in me that I thought I had lost. I am so motivated and have the tools to create my best year ever”

“Thank you for enlightening me and helping me discover my true passions and how I can live them”

“Waylon’s authenticity really shines and his passion for helping others achieve their greatness is what makes him not only a great speaker but a great trainer”

“I am very motivated and I know have the tools thanks to Waylon to life the life I choose rather than settling for less”

“Waylon really helped me see some of the areas in my life that I was sabotaging because of my own attitude, I can now move past that thanks Waylon”

“I completely value the skills I have learned towards changing my mindset and moving forward to accomplishing my business and personal goals for a brighter future”

“AMAZING! I am now focused & know I have the power with-in myself to be whoever I choose”

“Since taking Waylon’s 2 day seminar I have had a 47% increase in my business and all while taking more time off to spend with my family. All this in just under six months, I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring”

“As a sales professional there is no other training out there like Waylon’s, He is not a “sales” trainer rather he is a transformational master. He helped me change my focus from making sales to adding value to peoples life with my product. Now that I have that state of mind I haven’t worked a day since and I have increased my productivity by 52% in eight months, and I owe it all to Waylon”

“Waylon is not your old fashioned “Motivational” speaker, in his workshops and seminars he will walk you through each area of your life and give you a solid plan on how to achieve the life you truly want.”

“One day with Waylon and I was simply amazed, he is a true transformational trainer he not only encouraged me to do more but challenged me to reach higher and farther that I ever thought was possible for me”

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